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Building of 23 housings

Location: Carrer FarallĆ³ 5-9
City: LlanƧƠ (Girona)
Customer: Solvia
Surface: 3.500 m2
PEM: 2.500.000 ā‚¬



The intervention consists of a performance unit on foot of the beach of Them Tonyines of the municipality of Llancà. The target of the performance was to generate 3 small buildings implanted in an area of important earring so that they enjoyed the totality of the housings conference to the sea.
The building is located in the street Farelló forms a corner carrer of l'Olivar de Llançà.
The project is formed by 23 housings of free revenue of 2 and 3 rooms, 23 squares of parking and 23 storage rooms.
In the back of the plot, enjoying big conference the sea and a big asoleamiento, the set enjoys a community area with swimming pool and wide landscaped area.

Basic project, executive project and direction of work.