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Project of urban development of the sports city of the FCB

Location: Ciudad Deportiva del FC Barcelona
City: Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona)
Customer: Private
Surface: 20 Ha
PEM: 5.900.000 €


The intervention consists of the opening of 2 new horizontal streets that give to the quarter a more human and residential scale since at present it is an area of sports equipments. The performance also comprises the writing of the project a big park and a big hard square.
The park conceives like a natural space, with a few trips per to walk, to go in for sport, running, bike, scooter, etc. an area is created in talúd to the south limit of the park with abundant black poplars of big height that do of backdrop of the park simultaneously that they preserve from the impact of the B-23. Inside this park different rest areas are located. In the central area a track is foreseen with equipment of goals and baskets and an area of infantile game.
The central square, it is conceived like a harder square with areas of rest of lawn, of rubber with children's games, with a sand area to play petanque. This square will be surrounded with apartment houses with the commercial shallows and therefore this space will be able to be provided with commerce of closeness that generates life inside the quarter. The completely paved central area is conceived like a space to be able to realize some small act, fira, sardanas, spectacles, etc.

Project of urban development and direction of work.