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Set of buildings of 267 housings

Date: 2017
Location: Illa 10 "Entorn al Port de Badalona"
City: Badalona (Barcelona)
Customer: Private
Surface: 33.520 m2
PEM: ----- €


The intervention consists of a unit of performance composed by two plots P10a and P10b of the ambience of Moll de Ponent of the Port of Badalona. One treats as a set of buildings of PB 8 and PB 11 joined ones by a common socket of PB 3 who believes a commercial veranda unified in the whole right margin of the channel.
The building places in the streets Industry, Ponent and the Channel of new creation of the Port of Badalona.
The set is formed by 267 housings of free revenue of 2, 3 and 4 rooms distributed in 12 stairs and 383 squares of parking.
In the interior part of the set of the plot 10th and 10b the community areas are located with swimming pool and solárium.
The front, ventilated, is foreseen by prefabricated pieces of big format that accompany the movement of the overtures of the flat fronts. The fronts with patios will have a finished continuous type sate.