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Building of 71 housings

Date: 2015 - 2018
Location: Avinguda Maresme
City: CornellĂ  del Llobregat (Barcelona)
Customer: Private
Surface: 7.600 m2
PEM: 6.300.000 €



The intervention comprises a unit of performance of three buildings. Two of them of PB 2 aligned to road with 11 and 15 deep one respectively and an isolated block of PB 4 giving front to Avenue of Maresme.
The set is located in the Avenue Maresme, Calle Busquets and Calle Dolors Almeda of Cornellà del Llobregat.
The project is formed by 71 housings of free revenue of 3 or 4 rooms, 96 squares of parking and 71 storage rooms.
The set enjoys a private square that leads to 6 foyers of the respective stairs enjoying an area of infantile free time and community swimming pool.

Volumetric draft, basic project, executive project and direction of work.