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Building of 165 housings

Date: 2015 - 2018
Location: Illa 9 "Entorn al Port de Badalona"
City: Badalona (Barcelona)
Customer: Private
Surface: 20.500 m2
PEM: 12.500.000 €



Native of Barcelona treats region as the project of new construction of a building of 165 housings, 158 of free revenue and 7 housings protected from general regime, commercial places, parking and storage rooms placed, placed in the Illa 9 of the Modification of the General Plan of “Entorn al Port of Badalona” of the municipality of Badalona.

The plot limits to the Northwest with the Street Industry, in its front North-East with Channel, in front East with green space and in its front South-west with the Street Antoni Bori.

An isolated building is projected occupying the totality of the lot, formed by two plants cellar, first floor and plants I tread as regulation. The building has 8 access nuclei to the plants I tread in whole, one of them for exclusive use to housings VPO and a nucleus of access from the Street Antonio Bori to the area landscaped in first floor and to the parking.

The area landscaped, faced on south, two swimming pools are projected in addition to rest areas.


Basic project, executive project and direction of work.