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Rehabilitation Building 25 Housings

Date: 2007-2011
Location: c/ Jerusalén, 32 canto. c/ Carme
City: Raval - Barcelona
Customer: Private
Surface: 1.825 m2
PEM: 1.071.985,20 €


It is a question of a building of new work with support of the front plurifamiliar of 25 housings and 3 places. The building structures in the only stairs that there consists of plant cellar, first floor, entresolat and four stoppages I tread. The access realizes for the street Jerusalem. The occupation of the plot is determined by the planes of Flat General Metropolitano of Barcelona. The application of the regulatory height is the average point of the front. The regulatory height is of 19,70m (PB 5) attending on the article 4.4.2 of PERI of the Suburb.
The basic functional program develops of the following way: the first floor and cellar devote themselves to commercial places. The plant mezzanine destines to housing type loft, distributed in only one ambience. Them plant apartment they devote themselves exclusively to housings.
At level compositivo, the front will maintain the same aspect as the original front with the change of some opening that is small for the performance of the decree of habitability.
In these cases, the existing opening with sill of 90cm will happen to be a balcony without sill. The paving stones and the existing reliefs will recover.

Basic project, Executive Project and Direction of work.