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Building of 31 Housings

Date: 2006-2009
Location: c/ Bonastruc de Puerta, 6-8
City: Girona
Customer: Private
Surface: 4.535 m2
PEM: 1.799.522 €


The project is located in a corner of the consolidated urban plot of Girona.
It is decided to delay the front line in corner to smooth the draft.
The building consists of 31 housings, places and parkings.
The fact of being placed before the route of train and of the cold climate in winter and heat. In summer it does that extreme remedy is had in the climatic and acoustic solution of the used constructive systems.

I PROJECT: Building of 31 housings, place and parking.
PERIOD: 2006-2009
I ENTRUST: Basic project, executive Project, Direction acts.