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Date: 2015 - 2019
Location: Ciudad Deportiva del FC Barcelona
City: Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona)
Customer: Private
Surface: 600 ml
PEM: 500.000 €


The target of this footbridge is to unify the Torreblanca quarter with the quarter of new creation generated in the environment of the Sports City of the FCB separated at present by the routes of the train.
The challenge of the footbridge is to communicate these two quarters with 10m of difference between them happening over the overhead power cable of the train creating an accessible footbridge without the need to implant an elevator that implies a continuous maintenance on the part of the Town hall.

The starting point of the footbridge in the north part (Quarter of Torreblanca) is realized from an existing ramp that was communicating the street with a park placed in a low level, so, there stay the ramps unified in the only urban element.
The essential part of the set is the footbridge that it saves 36m from light without any central support that invades the routes. This obtains with a reticulated beam isostática of 3m of high place. To give him an architectural game and simultaneously safety sensation to the user there is covered with perforated metallic sheet part of the triangles of the beam.
The south part of the set they have the challenge of realizing the descent of 9,50m across accessible ramps. To accompany the user in this trip of more of 180m of length a few concrete screens have been realized coinciding with the landings of the ramps where the lighting stays simultaneously.

Draft, executive project and direction of work.