Surface: 33.520m2
Project Brief: 232 Housing
Promoter: Privat
Status: -

Restricted competition for the realization of 3 buildings of 232 homes on the Illa 8 plot of the port of Badalona. Participation of 10 architecture firms. Finalist (2nd Classified)

The aesthetic objective of the proposal is, within the little volumetric flexibility that the regulations allow, to achieve a project that generates a differentiating interest with respect to what exists in the immediate plots of the sector so that it becomes a unique element within the urbanization that decants the end user to choose this architectural complex and not another.

This is achieved by breaking the rigidity of the volumes if we pay attention to the lines of the façade, providing the curvilinear balconies with a double skin with movement on each of the floors, alternating them three to three.

With this simple movement that recalls the movement of the waves of the sea, it is possible to make an interesting nod to the location of the project while giving it an effect that makes it a totally different element from what exists in an immediate environment.

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