Surface: 33.520m2
Project Brief: 267 Housing 383 Parking space
Promoter: Private
Dates: 2017-CONCURSO
Status: -

Restricted competition, the intervention consists of an action unit made up of two plots P10 a and P10 b in the area of Moll de Ponent in the Port of Badalona. It is a group of buildings of PB + 8 and PB + 11 joined by a common base of PB + 3 that creates a unified commercial porch along the entire right bank of the canal.

The building is located on the streets Industria, Ponent and the newly created Canal of the Port of Badalona.

The complex is made up of 267 2, 3 and 4-bedroom free-rent dwellings distributed over 12 staircases and 383 parking spaces.

In the inner part of the plot 10a and 10b are the communal areas with swimming pool and solarium.

The ventilated façade is planned with large-format prefabricated pieces that accompany the movement of the openings of the flat facades. The facades with terraces will have a continuous finish type sate.

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